People, under this article activated several 2008. And now I`ve seen it with a trawl like that. There is a 2012 servak with several device licenses activated. Is it possible to call them back or disable them and do anything under this article… or a similar algorithm? Fill the marked fields with the same labuda as the first time. We insert License Server ID and select Enterprise Agreement as a licensing program. Is the 2008r2 booth activated or should the company be bet? Good morning. Smog to get a license for Windows Server 2008r2, like the plow, does not give warnings for 120 days. Let`s see what has changed so much since Server 2008 R2 Ent on the terminal server organization in the new version of Server 2012 R2 St Yum, and in fact, the activation of the 2008 r2 terminal server is almost complete.

October 2017 Win2016 company – works. Choose the type of license carefully – to the user (per user)! Product Type – Windows Server 2008 TerminalServer by User Access License (for Windows Server 2003 – Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server per Customer User Access License) Go to the Remote Deactivation Licensing Manager -> activate the server and at the masters` request, We choose the “Auto (fluss” connection method of the Enterpraiz Agreement and enter the code: Enterprise Agreement – 6565792 , 5296992, 3325596 or other found in the network. Choose a version of the product for which you get a license, in my case it`s Windows Server 2008 R2, dial on a customer or device and write the number below, it all depends on greed.