The good sentences as well as explanations in parentheses are written below: Which of the following sentences illustrates verb accord topic? I think it`s this one, but I`m not sure. Tricia and all her colleagues are educated on new equipment. The subject and the verb in this sentence coincide. Well done. Everyone (the subject extension agreement is wrong. The dog and the boy are two different things. Two things mean the theme of the plural. The verb should therefore also be plural. This sentence should be written as: The dog and the boy go to the park.) Grammatical can mean “agreement”: A) Subject/Verbvereinbarung B) pronoun convention C) verb tense agreement D) all the above Select the correct statement: A) The predicate of the sentence is the part that says something about the subject, and it always contains a verb. B) The predicate of the sentence is the part that says something about the subject, and it sometimes rewrites the following sentences, emphasizing the grammar range shown in the left column. — first sentence.

With five liters of gas. 2. The goose bit the postman on the leg. 3. Because the store was closed. One of those phrases is right. Each of the following sentences has a grammatical error. Errors are found in one of four categories: subject-verb contract, run-on-set, verbform and tension or sentence fragment. Identify which of the four defects is present, if there is 1. Which of the following points is an example of accidental plagiarism? A.

Submit a document written by a friend. B. Copy information from a source and identify as your own C. Unanseded information summary Verb Distinction Enter the appropriate form of the verb, sword or conocer, which would be used in writing the following sentences in Spanish. Make sure that the verb is written in the right shape to agree with the theme of the sentence and also in your friends are correct. The theme “neither. Still. .¬†is singular and must have the singular verb, “play.¬†Please check this: 1. Traveling on the path of life. Has.

The structure of the composition is correct b. the subject lacks c. the predicate lacks sentence contains a nound and no verb B 2. Erick ran in the race. Has. The structure of the sentence is correct b. choose three items from the list below. Set The three selected errors. Write two sample sentences for each selection: one that illustrates the error and the other corrects the error.

Describe in a paragraph how you plan to improve these areas in your verb Accord topic: have or a “are or are not regularly and irregularly verbs: are or are not. have been taken or taken, lay or laid. the right form of being and having it in the present. was where I am. The form of the verb and which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause? a) My mother, who never wastes anything, rinsed and saved the plug boxes. We ran too late and had to skip the stop at the post office.